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Halltech C7 Stinger™-R Induction System

  • Halltech Corvette C7 Stinger-R Induction System. 475 HP! 40-120 mph in 5.8 seconds, 0-60 in 3.6 seconds and 0-120 in 11.3 seconds. 10 engine builder tuners have dyno tested our intake. +21 RWHP/14.3 RWT vs. the stock intake system. The Halltech C7 did 0-120 mph in 11.3 seconds recorded on the car DIC and our RaceLogic GPS Performance Box.

  • Bolt on, absolutely no tuning required, guaranteed no codes and no warranty issues ever. +13.6RWHP/14.3lb-ft torque Independent dyno results are from Late Model Racecraft. Katech Performance, Halltech Systems, LLC, Weapon X Performance,Texas Speed, Vengeance Racing, Nickey Chicago, Stingray Chevrolet, Liberty Chevrolet, Speed Inc, and many other dynos. No check engine lights or trouble codes ever with full warranty guarantee; perfect long term fuel trims and lower IATs retention than stock. Comes complete with our superflow connector hose, and ST-689 cfm filter, roto-molded airbridge, full instructions and 15 RWHP/16lb-ft torque without tuning (estimated)

  • How can Halltech spank the stock induction system? First of all, we use our High Flow ST689 filter designed for the Z06 that has 50% more surface area. The high velocity design of our rotomolded bridge is design with taper flow for increased velocity and a true bellmouth radius velocity stack for perfect LTFTs and open loop fuel ratios.

  • As indicated in the nomenclature, the Halltech ST689 cfm filter is a proprietary high flow filter just released for the C7 Stinger CKN and C7 Stinger-Hybrid intake systems. It also fits the Halltech Yellow Jacket as a replacement filter. K&N Engineering tested flow benched our intake several months ago on their SuperFlow test bench. The results on the flow bench: Halltech's Stinger-689 cfm @ 1.5" H2O. This was the filter Halltech tested at a 1/4 mile off road track and recorded 11.3 sec from 0-120 mph with a C7 Auto.

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Corvette (14+)


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