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CMS Flex Fuel Kit

E85 is becoming more and more popular and for a good reason! E85's stands at 105-110 octane.  More octane means more power.  With a simple calibration, your naturally aspirated car can gain approximately 25whp.  With boosted applications you can see 100 or more HP just by switching to E85.

Once installed and tuned, the sensor will determine the ethanol content in the fuel and adjust based on the % it sees.  This means a worry free product for the user.  Just pump gas in and let the sensor adjust itself.  No extra effort is required on your part.

E85 does require more fuel volume! 30% more fuel is required and some cars will need to upgrade their fuel system and injectors before making the switch.

The list of car that DO NOT require fuel system modifications are:
-16+ Camaro SS
-15+ Corvette (non-Z06)
-14+ Silverado 5.3
-14+ Silverado 6.2
-10-15 Camaro SS (bolt-ons only)

These kits start at $149

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