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Halltech Z06 Stinger-RZ™ Gen 2

  • Halltech's 2015 Corvette Z06 Stinger-RZ Gen 2 Sealed Cold Air Induction. This is the plastic version of the Halltech Stinger™ CKNZ, which will be identical to the CKNZ intake only XLPE plastic. The Stinger-RZ™ comes ready to bolt on major hp. Professional installation highly recommended. Have your Halltech dealer order this for you. email us to find the closest dealer to you. If you are looking for the ultimate heat soak protection, we recommend the Stinger CKNZ made with carbon fiber outer and inner layers with Nomex IIIA sandwich material to prevent heat exchange.

  • Dyno results: The first did +44 RWHP/39 lb-ft torque (55 HP/48.8 lb-ft at the flywheel); the second Z06 did a mind numbing +50 RWHP/43 lb-ft (62.5 HP/53.8 lb-ft at the flywheel) By comparison, the engine dyno showing +60 HP gain was done in Germany at Geiger Performance on a Superflow Engine dyno (baseline was 659 HP; intake only 720 HP. This is the real deal folks. We have now over 13 dynos substantiating these numbers, all done by independent shops and without solicitation from Halltech. Our proprietary K&N high flow filter comes installed on all orders. Our Halltech "Blood Orange" dry filter is optional, but will filter slightly better, and produce somewhat less hp. 44 RWHP vs. 50 RWHP is what we have seen.

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Corvette Z06 (15+)


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