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Nacho's Crazy Twin Turbo Camaro


Watch this Camaro make 1400whp without breaking a sweat

Nacho's 2012 Camaro SS 45th Anniversary (M6)

-Twin Turbo LSX436 built by QMP Racing Engines
-All Pro Heads
-Titanium Intake Valves
-Inconel Exhaust Valves
-Jesel Rockers
-Solid Roller
-Winberg Crank
-Custom Turbo System by AC Fabrication
-Hydra Flow Clamps for Charge Pipes
-Precision 66mm BOV
-Twin Precision 7675
-Triple Walbro Pumps
-6 speed manual Tranzilla by RS Gear
-Carbon Synchros
-3.23 Gears
-RPS Quadruple Carbon Clutch
-Ron Davis Radiator and fan shroud
-Meziere Electric Water Pump
-Marcella Intake Manifold
-ZL1 Differential
-ZL1 Front Brakes
-Carlyle Racing 15" wheel conversion
-PFADT drag racer coil overs
-Ams2000 Boost Controller with C02

Results: 1429rwhp/1200rwtq. Our spark lead sensor went a little crazy at the end of the pull but our peak torque number was 1200rwtq. We used C16 fuel on all pulls.

Our custom calibration was performed using HP Tuners and the STOCK ECU!! The owner will be going for a Halltech Stand Alone unit in the near future. This may sound ridiculous but this is a conservative tune due to the fact that we're dealing with the stock ecu. With the Halltech, we're looking for 1800rwhp. This car is a beast!


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